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Email, cloud & news - all in the account! The free GMX Mail App is your faithful companion on the road! Apa itu GMX - Mail & Cloud? GMX - Mail & Cloud adalah aplikasi Produktivitas berbasis iOS yang dikembangkan oleh Reliable and safe dengan nilai lisensi Free. GMX - Mail & Cloud dari Reliable and safe ini diperbarui terakhir kali di platform kami pada taggal 26 Februari 2024.

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The Smart Inbox takes a lot of work off your hands!
Incoming emails arrive automatically in the inbox of your mailbox. One after the other, in chronological order - but mixed thematically. In the smart inbox, new e-mails are displayed in perseorangan categories - automatically, for a better overview. In the inbox, everything remains the same.

With the cloud, GMX offers you a professional, free storage solution. It is equally suitable for file backup as well as for simple and fast sharing of large files - e.g. photo series. Thanks to the highest security standards, the Cloud is virtually undestroyable and with Cloud made in Germany, it also meets the highest standards in terms of info protection.

Particularly useful:
The GMX Mail app also supports your other GMX Mail accounts.
So you always keep an eye on all your GMX mailboxes, in one app!
Our "Push Sounds" are especially popular: these individually adjustable
notifications sound as soon as a new email is received.

Handling is also very simple and intuitive, and the interface, which is adapted to the smartphone, is particularly user-friendly. The battery-saving e-mail push service and the secure, protected access with PIN protection are further plus points. For these very reasons, the GMX Mail app has already been downloaded and installed more than a million times!

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