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Meet the Ethos Self-Custody Wallet, the quickest, simplest, and most secure solution for storing your crypto assets. Ethos is not an exchange or a protocol. No third party will ever hold your keys or your assets. Rather, the user is in control of their assets at all times with security that matches or exceeds cold wallet solutions. But with the convenience and cost advantages that result from leveraging the Secure Element of your mobile device combined with our proprietary Magic Key technology. No need to remember seed phrases or etch them in metal. Your individual Vault. Your keys, your crypto. For free. Apa itu Ethos Self-Custody Vault? Ethos Self-Custody Vault adalah aplikasi Keuangan berbasis Android yang dikembangkan oleh dengan nilai lisensi Gratis. Ethos Self-Custody Vault dari ini diperbarui terakhir kali di platform kami pada taggal 26 Februari 2024.

Download Ethos Self-Custody Vault

Ethos Vault
Innovative solution that transforms your phone into a secure Ethereum wallet. Features a patent-pending multi-party cryptography (MPC) technology. Your crypto assets are stored safely in your personalized vault, safeguarded with up to 7 layers of encryption and security. A new pinnacle in security and convenience.

Magic Keys
The simplest and most secure crypto key solution in the market. Forget complex seed phrases. Inbuilt backup and restoration. All you need to remember are three magic words to retrieve your keys.

Live Data
Stay informed with our real-time data, providing you with analytics, news and token prices across numerous DeFi platforms.

Self-Custody Swaps
Ethos gives you the ability to make peer-to-peer swaps via the 0x protocol which connects your wallet to web3 markets.

View your self-custody assets all in one screen.

Ethos Rewards
Earn virtual rewards for securing your vault.

Support: [email protected]

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